Keep Your Handbag Looking Great All Summer

Keep Your Handbag Looking Great All Summer

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You wouldn’t dream of spending all summer outside without your shades, a hat, and some sunscreen. Your handbag needs the same level of care and protection to beat the heat and the UV rays. Here’s how to keep your handbag looking great as you enjoy the hot sunny days ahead. 

Use a protective spray

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So the best way to maintain your handbag’s beauty is to stop damage before it occurs with a dedicated product that blocks UV, repels water, and resists stains. Different products are available for leather, suede, vinyl and other fabrics — choose the one that’s formulated specifically for your handbag’s material. 

Store your handbag away from the sun

The sun’s UV rays can cause your handbag to age prematurely, fading its colour and making it look old before its time. While you can’t avoid all sun exposure, you can reduce it by storing your handbag away from sunlight as much as possible. Place it in a dark corner or closet, away from windows, whenever you’re at home. 

Clean your handbag 

All those outdoor brunches and garden parties can take their toll on your handbag. Whether it’s sticky residue from a spilled drink or a buildup of dust in the creases, any nasty stuff on your handbag should be cleaned off regularly. In most cases, a quick pass with a barely damp towel will do the trick. For heavy-duty stains, like wine or grass, a specialty cleaning product may be your best bet. 


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