Simple Tips to Keep Your Handbag Looking Like New

Simple Tips to Keep Your Handbag Looking Like New

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Everyday wear and tear can cause your once-lovely handbag to fade, lose its shape, and collect dents and scratches. But with a little bit of daily care and maintenance, you can keep your favourite handbag looking like new for longer. 

Prevent damage to your handbag with a protective spray

It’s much easier to prevent damage than it is to reverse it, so give your handbag the best defense possible with a protective spray that will help repel water and stains. Be sure to select a spray that’s appropriate for your handbag’s specific material. 

Never use baby wipes on your handbag

Disposable wipes are everywhere these days, but they should never be used on your handbag, no matter what material it’s made from. The chemicals in the wipes can damage the finish and build up on the surface of your handbag. 


Keep your cosmetics in a spill-proof container 

Perfume, lotion, foundation, and lipstick has a way of escaping its packaging, which can spell disaster for the interior of your handbag — and the exterior, too, if the product seeps through the inner lining. Protect your handbag inside and out by safely stowing your liquids, creams, and powders in a spill-proof pouch or plastic container. 

Store your handbag away from dust and light

If your handbag is out of commission for the season — or even just for a few days — place it in  a dust bag and store it away from direct light. Don’t hang it on a doorknob or the back of a chair, since this can impact the handle and the shape of the bag over time. 


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