What Makes a Handbag “Classic”?

What Makes a Handbag “Classic”?

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Certain handbags take hold of our imaginations. They’re the iconic accessories that are always in fashion, year in and year out. But just what sets these enduring handbags apart from the trends that come and go? Let’s consider what makes a handbag a classic. 

Timeless shape + silhouette

Versatility plays a huge role in vaulting a handbag to classic status. These handbags are endlessly adaptable, looking just as beautiful with an understated outfit as an all-out glamourous one. For that reason, classic handbags tend to feature simple, clean lines that create a timeless shape and silhouette. 


Take the Mia Croco Top Handle Bag as an example. Its distinctive boxy shape is the very definition of sophistication. Pair it with a neutral business suit or a sparkly cocktail dress — it’s equally at home with both. The Tiffany Chevron Quilt Classic is another angular masterpiece, its rectangular shape softened by the lovely chevron quilting. 

Exquisite details + tailoring 

Sometimes it’s the subtle finishing touches that make a handbag truly shine. A gleam of metal here. A charming knot of fabric there. It’s this attention to detail that elevates a handbag from an accessory to an art form. 


Gold hardware is what makes the Ava Croc Padlock Handbag into an everyday classic. The padlock detail in front is both functional (it’s a real lock with a key) and fashionable. The knotted front strap embellishment creates a similar but distinctive effect in the Nicole Half Moon Leather Saddle Bag. Both handbags make a stunning style statement that transcends the trend of the day and works in any time or place. 




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