Why a Quality Handbag Is Worth the Investment

Why a Quality Handbag Is Worth the Investment

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With quality handbags priced anywhere from three to five figures, it’s natural to feel some sticker shock when considering your next purchase. But well-made items, from clothing to cookware, are almost always worth paying more for. And this is especially true for handbags. Here’s why. 

A quality handbag lasts for years

Handbags that are inexpensive to buy are also inexpensive to make. Their low price tag relies on low-quality materials and quick fabrication methods. That lack of care in the materials and construction is easy to spot, even after just a few wearings. Cheap handbags start to break down almost immediately, with loose threads, stuck zippers, fading fabrics, and more. These types of handbags need to be replaced frequently since they aren’t made to last. 


A well-made handbag, on the other hand, keeps its colour, shape, and overall “wow” factor for a long time. Certain fabrics, such as suede and leather, actually look better with time. In terms of longevity and cost-per-wear, a quality handbag at a higher price point provides loads more value than cheaper options. 

The HandbagCrave promise

We sell high-quality handbags that are investment pieces. That’s why we offer a one-year warranty on all of our products. To find out more, visit our FAQ page


Shop our collection to find an investment handbag you’ll love for years to come. 

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